About Us


Celebrating 20 years and 300 concepts globally, cb5 Hospitality Consulting is the established leader in the hotel industry and the go-to firm when a formulaic approach to hotel dining just won’t do.

cb5 was created for the sole purpose of developing spirited restaurants and bars for the hotel sector. Bringing an entrepreneurial spirit to handcrafted concepts contoured to each property has been the hallmark of cb5. Having worked with many major hotel corporations, cb5 has assimilated multiple brand ethos and touch points enabling us to create original product that is brand compliant and savvy to market conditions.

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Full  scale  food  &  beverage  creations  are  our  specialty  including  lobby  bars, lounges, room

Our scope is comprehensive, from initial market survey and viability to space planning and  design.  We  script  custom  steps  of  service,  guide  kitchen  equipment  selection, recipe testing and standardizing. We design uniforms, select music, direct lighting, and teach the art of room ambiencservice, grab-n-go, etcwith the quintessential three meal a day restaurant being our hallmark.

  1. e. Marketing support is provided that ties directly to a strong ROI. cb5 maintains the largest industry task force for field deployment and is available on an assignment basis.

Being  able  to  distill  the  essence  of  why specific   restaurant   ideas   work   is   a   rare talent  perhaps  second  only  to  the  ability  to blueprint  and  scale  this  "alchemy”  into  a tangible  concept  and  playbook. The  unique team effort at cb5 has mastered this art and are   black-belts   in   their   own   disciplines much  like  the  morale  of  the  fable  we  are named  after  (Five  Chinese  Brothers)  when al working  as    singl unit.. we  are invincible.

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The Studio
A chef masterfully creates original dishes by selecting various ingredients and using his expertise to decide just how much and the nuance of blending it all together to produce a memorable dish.cb5 Hospitality Consulting is a creative think tank that similarly createsone of a kind food & beverage concepts using their vast experience and expertise to craft turn-key food & beverage solutions for the hotel industry.

The Lab
“The Lab” as we fondly call it, instills innovation including recipe testing, video training production, seminars…and the occasional ping pong tournament.

The Field

With well worn passports, and an acquired appreciation for airport dining (we know all the  air-terminal hot spots globally), we are the Green Berets of the road warrior ranks. There never will be a substitute for boots on the ground implementation as even the best ideas can often be lost in translation.

Being adept at imparting our particular skill set and having perfected the “hand off” to the property team… we can seamlessly execute concepts without diluting their nuance.

When the program has found it’s groove, we gently slip out the back door but not before leaving a hotline connection that remains intact as we continue to manage an ongoing relationship with our family of clients.


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